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Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?
According to breast augmentation is a process in which the surgeon applies implants to give the breasts a full and symmetrical appearance. This surgical procedure is also known as mammoplasty but more colloquially as breast implants. Many women seek breast augmentation following pregnancy or tremendous weight loss to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Who is a Candidate?
Women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts and would like to make them larger are good candidates for the procedure. Women who have previously been injured or experienced a mastectomy will benefit from breast reconstruction through augmentation. Breast augmentation will help restore volume following a pregnancy, period of breastfeeding or extreme weight loss. Overall, women who feel that larger breasts that have been restored will enhance their sense of confidence and self-esteem will benefit from the procedure.

There are many factors patients and doctors should take into account before moving forward with the surgery. The doctor will examine the patient’s overall health, desired breast size and type of implant. The type of surgery will also affect the placement of the incisions. Many of these factors will determine whether or not a woman is a candidate for the augmentation.

Possible Risks and Complications
Many patients mistakenly believe that cosmetic procedures are without risk. This is simply not the case. Breast augmentation is typically performed in an outpatient center with fully-accredited staff members and skillful doctors. While these doctors do take every precaution imaginable to ensure that the patient has a safe and effective procedure, there are certainly risks associated with breast augmentation.

Many of the risks associated with breast augmentation are actually side effects of anesthesia; however, several complications may arise from the procedure itself. Breast pain and changes in sensation are common. Scar tissue may form around the implant. Bleeding and infection are also common among patients who experience complications.

In some cases, women find themselves unhappy with the size, shape and scarring caused by the implants. In fact, some women consider having the implants removed.

In the years following breast augmentation surgery according to b, it is possible for some implants to rupture or begin leaking without notice. The patient should have their breasts examined with an MRI regularly. Breast implants are not necessarily meant to last for the duration of one’s entire life. The patient may be required to replace them periodically, especially in the case of complications.

Of course, recovery works differently for each woman. While the surgery only takes about one hour and 30 minutes, full recovery may take up to six weeks. Most patients are able to return to work after one week of recovery, when the gauze and drainage tubes are removed. A surgical bra aids the healing process.

During recovery, it is essential that the patient receive plenty of rest. All patients should avoid bending over or raising their arms high for at least one week; however, heavy lifting is banned for six weeks.

Although the recovery process may seem long, the swelling and scars fade relatively quickly in comparison to other procedures. Ultimately, many women find that breast augmentation is the best choice they have ever made.

Sculptra, The Best Anti-Aging Product

There is a new breakthrough with the development of anti-aging formulas. Sculptra was developed in Europe in 1999 and was introduced to the States in 2004. In 2009, it has now been FDA approved as an anti aging cosmetic enhancement formula.
What is Sculptar?

Sculptura Aestetic is a breakthrough formula that has been made from poly-L-lactic acid and is used to replace the lost collagen that is in different parts of the face. Sculptra is used to reduce wrinkles and folds, making the face softer, smoother and younger looking. It is formed from a biodegradeable, biocompatible material that works with the lines of the face.

How does Sculptra work?
In the face, there is a lot of collagen. It is what contours around your face giving your face the soft smooth look. As you age, the collagen in your face decreases. This is what creates the appearance of wrinkles. Sculptra is injected into your face over a few different sessions by a certified cosmetic surgeon. This process gives your face the opportunity to get used to the formula and it also makes it last longer than any other treatment. Sculptra lasts for at least 25 months and with the proper care and health of a person, it can last more than 3 years. This is the only procedure than can actually create volume in your face other than Fat Grafting.

Sculptra is safe and a lot of focus has been put on it so that any discomfort in the procedure would be alleviated. It has been diluted and now contains lidocaine so that clumping and pain are decreased. This has also decreased the possibility of nodules forming and complications that can stem from that.

Overall, this anti-aging procedure is one of the most safe and effective treatments available. A leading cosmetic surgeon is the best surgeon to perform this procedure. Taking the time to reverse the signs of aging will help make the effects of it last longer than any quick fix that is on the market. No plumper or “volumizer” can match the long term effects and precision that Sculptra can.

Botox Side Effects

Drowsiness, difficulty in swallowing, and muscle weakness are the most common Botox side effects. Other side effects may include irritated eyes, sore facial muscles, and nausea. It is reported that most individuals experience no symptoms and those that do generally have a bit mild response which disappear after a few weeks. The people who show signs for more than a few weeks are suggested to see their physician immediately. Side effects as well as the signs are usually treatable with the best possible relaxation, as well as the care instructions suggested by the surgeon or Botox injection specialist.

Laziness or sleepiness is a standout amongst the most usually reported Botox adverse reactions and may keep going for a couple of days after treatment. Pretty much as with most drugs, patients shouldn’t drive or work if they are feeling even a little bit sleepy after Botox. It is hard to estimate how extremely a patient will respond to the treatment, particularly when the person has never tried Botox. Usually, the patient will get guidelines for substantial rest and recover for a minimum of two days after the treatment to maintain a strategic distance from any issues with tiredness. The alerts for those experiencing queasiness after Botox treatment is very much the same to those feeling sleepiness, and it is even basic for an individual to face them together.


Muscle weakness is usually reported for the neck and facial muscles or those around the place of injection. This weakness may last for a few weeks after the treatment, but should reduce over that period. It is recommended that a patient should be in touch with a doctor for post injection results; if the patient loses control or the feeling of the muscles, then he or she needs to contact the doctor immediately. Many people may also experience difficulty in consuming food; however, this will go away within a few days. When the muscles are weak, it is normal to have difficulty in consuming food, because of the inflammation as well as the swelling around the influenced area. Dry mouth or even irritated eyes may likewise go with these basic Botox side effects.

It is paramount to know that Botox treatment is not designed for self treatment, which mean you simply can’t inject Botox on your own. Also, the expert advice is really important in all the cases. Be sure about the side effects of Botox; if you are taking any other medication which may clash with Botox treatment, then you need to tell your doctor about it. Botox treatment is commonly safe for almost everybody, but it is better to take advice. The doctor will prescribe you anti inflammatory drugs after the Botox treatment. Any illness, allergies, and drugs should be informed to the doctor before starting the treatment.

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Plastic surgery is a broad field that involves many different types of procedures. Most of these need a highly trained surgeon to perform them. The doctors often specialize in specific anatomical regions and areas. They are duly certified and licensed by the government to do the specific operations that they have registered to be licensed for. In this field, the aim is usually to improve the appearance of the patient or to enhance it in the preference of the individual. As with many of the major plastic surgery operations plastic surgery operations that are done to people, there are some risks and benefits that accompany them. Visit for more information.

plastic surgery procedures

One of the significant advantages that come with any type of plastic surgery is the emotional fulfillment of accomplishing what one has set out to accomplish, because it’s physiological. People who wish to go under the blade are often disappointed with the way they look or the way one of their areas of the body look. Changing the way they look according to their choice or looking more eye-catching is very fulfilling. This fulfillment has a very good impact on the overall person. It allows him or her reduce the self-consciousness and discontentment that is experienced with the recognized unpleasant aspect.
Many of the sufferers who go through aesthetic surgery treatment are also more assured and are more culturally constant in the way that they communicate with people. This contains the loving aspect of connections. It cannot be declined that assured and creatively eye-catching people have more loving possibilities to fulfill and communicate with people. Aside from the visual aspect of the area, it also has a share in the health of folks who go through many of the techniques. Some techniques help individuals shed weight and keep it off; while others can enhance the respiration, listening to and vision of many people.

The risks that accompany most operations are very real whether or not they are cosmetic operations. Plastic surgery has sometimes resulted to disfigurement, scarring, paralysis and, rarely, death.
Doctors to be consulted need to be licensed, experienced and well trained to perform these operations in order to lower the risks of these happening.

Recommendations, instructions and prescriptions of the licensed doctor should be followed correctly to achieve the desired results. In some rare cases, the psychological effect of the operation may backfire negatively because of the reactions of other people. Those who are susceptible to mean feedback and envy can be impacted adversely. In others, they might have a very great anticipation of the operation that the reality will never be able to contest with the dream.
Victims who end up leaving treatment with problem, scarring damage, paralysis and sometimes repeating discomfort can be very disappointed with the outcomes. Although there are not many deaths in this area of medication, there have also been a variety of disappointed and completely broken patients.

Consulting extensively with the doctor can help to lower the risks of the operation and raise the possibility of more benefits. Learning about the pros and cons will also help the individual understand the operation. For more information visit

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Cosmetic Dental Bonding Explained

Dental bonding is an aesthetic dental process according to that is very much successful from past many years due to its features and benefits. With this procedure, you could transform your smile in a single dental session. This process includes the brilliant and innovative use of the perfect amount and shade of dental composite resin, with the fillers. Dental bonding can be done for many purposes, but the main as well as the most common purpose is smile makeover. This procedure comes under the department of cosmetic dentistry and it includes many different ways as well as the causes. Replacing metal, filling cavities, restoring chipped and broken teeth, smile makeover, and more

Most of the people prefer dental composite bonding due to its ability to match the color of the natural teeth. Apart from this, dental composite bonding is better than silver or old amalgam fillings, which looks lethargic as compared to dental bonding. These days, nobody wants metal fillings, and that is why, cosmetic dentistry is trending more. Cosmetic dentistry provides attractive looks and great confidence in the person, and the procedure in cosmetic dentistry are safe as well. Continue reading about bonding click here.

Cosmetic dental bonding is not intended for all cavities, especially the big ones; due to the fact that the bonding material is not powerful enough to protect a big space. Dental bonding as well as the cosmetic bonding is used for filling small spaces, and it is ideal too. If there is too much pressure, you dentist would recommend a different cosmetic dentistry procedure. CEREC technology is a new development in cosmetic dentistry and most of the dentists usually use this to make ceramic fillings, due to the cosmetic benefits. Visual appeal as well as the strength is most important features of ceramic fillings. Pre-made ceramic filling will take a single visit, but you should expect two weeks, as the dental technicians usually take a week or more make ceramic filling.

Composite can only be bonded to a clean surface; that is why dentists like Dr baker generally clean the surface in the initial stage of the process. Shaping and roughing is also a quick process, and then a gel (phosphoric acid based) is applied, as this allows the Composite to stick to the tooth surface. After hardening process, the bonding agent is applied, and then the polishing of composite is done. The process is very simple and short, but it does require a professional expert. Therefore, always visit a dental expert for dental bonding or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure.